your love doesn't go unrecognised

UHM my personal blog is following every single person i’m following on this account and i didn’t do that, and my accounts are in no way connected how and why did it do that.. 

Song Snippets
Justin Bieber

these are so good    :(   

justinbieber: I feel like a bear

justinbieber: I feel like a bear


What's the quote u just rebloged???? it gave breathing problems thnks xo

justin posted like 10 vids on instagram of song snippets!!!!!


Time for bed…and I know that I can turn you on, gaspin for air until the early morn…and I don’t know if you’re on the shit I’m on…

Justin Bieber, fuck right off, New clippet (via cairusso)

When your friends don’t care about what you gotta say

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